Why Raktona

Why Raktona

The product RAKTONA, has been in the market for over three decades, with an ever increasing user base owing much to its effectiveness and viability. The product has proved its mettle in the market with a wide range of application and its 'all age group' usability.

In recent times, the market has seen a surge in the demand for products with multiple benefits. It has been observed that 'natural and free from' claiming products have been much more in vogue. There are a melange of synthetically produced products in the market and hence, have a shrinking user base as these products have become expensive as well as ineffective to a large extent.

Keeping the needs and the demands of the users, RAKTONA provides the 'one solution' for various health related problems, that too at a fairly reasonable price as compared to other products in the segment.

A product proves efficient due to the right quantity and quality of its ingredients.RAKTONA is a product which has valuable benefits owing to its natural and 'free from harm' ingredients.

Each capsule contains (major ingredients):
• Citrullus colocynthis - 460mg
• Spaeranthus indicus - 20mg
• Hemidesmus indicus - 20mg

The product has been prepared such that it provides utmost satisfaction to its user without any side effects. The product, as mentioned earlier, has wide range of benefits in providing relief in problems such as liver and spleen disorders, utricataria, skin disorders, piles and has proved to be very effective in chronic constipation.
As an evidence of its success and efficacy,

RAKTONA has been approved and recommended by Moolchand Hospital and Rishikul.