Ayurvedic Medicine Urticaria

Ayurvedic Medicine Urticaria

Paranoia sets in usually when people think about skin related disease. It is a well known fact that skin related products in todays time are one of the most sought after ones in the market.

People of all age groups have had a major concern when it comes to the maintenance of their skin and to keep it away from any kind of diseases.
Talking of skin, urticaria (hives) is a skin reaction that causes red or itchy welts or rashes. These welts vary in size and are a temporary phenomenon that appear and disappear as the reaction runs its course. The cause of these rashes is not very clear. The rashes can affect the skin anywhere on the body. The rashes are mild blisters. Some times the affected area might cover a large surface of the body. In some cases, patients may develop swelling of lips, tongue or other areas of body from time to time.

Urticaria is of two types. First is acute urticaria, which develops suddenly and lasts for as few as a day or two and might extend upto six weeks at the most. This type of urticaria can affect any one and at any age and occurs once in a lifetime. Second, chronic urticaria, is one which is long term. In this, rashes persist for atleast six weeks. This type is more common in women than in men.