Ayurvedic Medicine Skin Care

Ayurvedic Medicine Skin Care

Bereft of the specifics that govern skin care, people usually show a callous attitude towards this sphere of their health. More emphasis has been given to beauty care products rather than skin care products, which are hardly available in the market today.

They are hardly effective even if available.

This is a rarely known fact that most therapies and products related to skin care are basically designed as region specific, but marketed all over like an universal product. This has been a major drawback in fighting skin related issues.

Skin disorders are basically caused by environmental aggressors/agents like pollution, UV light or even due to excessive heat of the incoming solar radiations. This is very much due to the ever increasing misuse of the resources , which proves a bane for the consumers in the form of pollution and degradation of environment.

Majority of the problems related to skin are due to these issues given the increasing pollution and related problems. When someone gets exposed to these aggressors, skin might become itchy, oozing or even break out.

Skin disorders can be minor and temporary, while some of them can be very dangerous or even deadly. There might also be changes in colour or texture, which results from inflammation, infection or allergy anywhere on the body. Some of the commonly occuring disorders are moles, rashes, hives, eczema, et al.

RAKTONA has provided an amicable cure for protecting the delicate layer of our body. With a regular, short term dosage, RAKTONA has come out as an alpha product, which has been substantiated by the clinical trials.