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Dating back to 5,000 years, Ayurveda is the most ancient science of healing. Ayur means "life" in sanskrit and integrates mind, body and spirit. Extant Ayurvedic knowledge has been preserved through ages since it was overshadowed by foreign cultures and their traditional methods of healing.

Recently, the baton, in the field of healing sciences, has been passed onto Ayurveda again from the modern methods. This change has been the result of the ever complicating diseases which have affected humans, for which modern medicines and methods have failed to find a cure. Contrastingly, Ayurveda with its essence of purity, has helped people to not only fight the diseases but to effectively overcome them. Building up on this puritanical evidence, RAKTONA, an ayurvedic product was prepared way back in 1978, in the holy city of Haridwar.

RAKTONA, which literally means 'purification of blood', is a multifunctional product which has wide range of benefits ranging from liver and spleen disorders, constipation, skin related disorders, piles, et al.

The concept of RAKTONA developed due to the growing menace of the everyday problems affecting human beings and the stress build up due to long time exposures of these problems. Due to build up of stress, people start depending on the much popular drugs that have taken over the market like a rage. These drugs suppress the problems of the users without actually curing it. This poses a serious threat to the users of such drugs as the suppresed problem may resurface at a later stage causing serious problems. This is where Ayurvedic product like RAKTONA has proved beneficial as it helps cure the problem and not just suppress it.

Key Points

100% Safe

Anyone (except pregnant & lactating women) can use this product. There are no side-effects

Since 1978

The product has been helping patients across the world since 1978.

Blood Purifier

Safest Ayurvedic Blood Purifier